Credit goes to:

  • - Ti Kan ( for creating cddb, the CD database, and coming up with the idea of using the Internet to give users access to the database. His prototype is the basis for cddbd.
  • - Steve Scherf ( for creating the cddbd-server-software. Without his effort, freedb would not be.
  • - Jeffery Sumler for sending the patch for cddbd version 1.4b39PL1.
  • - Oliver Fleischmann for implementing protocol level 4, the "cddb lscat" and the "discid" command.
  • - Florian Maul for implementing protocol level 5 and the "cddb unlink" command.
  • - Gerhard Gonter for lots of small improvements and bug fixes to the cddbd code.
  • - Edmund Grimley Evans, Jon F. Zahornacky and Jörg Hevers for implementing UTF-8 support.
  • - Frédéric Leroy for the crunchfuzzy patch to increase the effectivity and reduce the size of the fuzzy matching hash file.
  • - Tomas Menzl for implementing the Windows database format support.
  • - Ari Sundholm for lots of bugfixes and improvements, especially for the Windows database format support.

GnuDB is non-commercial and depends on donations.

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