Copyright Violation Notice.

Gnudb aims to stay within the boundaries of copyright laws. It is possible that users of Gnudb post noncompliant content and inadvertently violate someone's copyright.

If this has happened, please notify us of the violation, and we will quickly look into the issue. Please provide us the following information:

The page on Gnudb that violates your copyright. You must provide a URL.

Proof that you are the copyright holder or have the right to represent the copyright holder of the said content.

Please mail the information above to, and we will address this issue as quickly as we can.

Please note that Gnudb provides data about recordings, not the music itself. If you find your music listed on Gnudb it does not mean that gnudb have access to or provide access to the music files themselves. does not contain any audio tracks, it only contains descriptive metadata about the content of the recording's. It is used for discovery and identification. It may includes elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords. Which is only published to help to owner of the CD's to get the track information's shown when playing the CD's.

In most countries and especially the United States, copyright protection is granted for creative expression and not for underlying facts.
Metadata includes factual fields in catalogs or other records, generally useful as finding information, such as the creator’s name, the date of creation, the date of publication, and the title of the work. These short factual pieces of data themselves are not copyrightable because they are short phrases and pure facts.

If you still believe that you've found a copyright issue on Gnudb, you must provide a link to where the offending material can be downloaded. If you cannot provide such a link, we cannot act on your request.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the use of, you can mail to

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