David Arnold & J. Peter Robinson

Godzilla (1-19) & Godzilla 2000 (20-33)

Tracks: 33, total time: 81:47, year: , genre: Soundtrack

1.2:49Main Title
2.1:50Looking For Clues
3.2:13Fishing With Big G
4.2:43Leaving Manhattan
5.2:53The Plan
6.5:16Warnings / Fish Baits
7.3:24Rampage And Pursuit
8.2:48Audrey Steals The Tape
9.2:54Nick Off the Project
10.1:50The Foreign Legion
11.3:53Madison Square Garden / The Brood
12.4:10Reporting Live
13.3:44Cab Chase
14.4:31Brooklyn Bridge
16.3:12Main title (Alternate)
17.1:37Trailer #1
18.2:00Trailer #2
19.1:45Trailer #3
20.2:26Godzilla Theme / The Tanks
21.4:25Sinoda At The Beach / First Battle
22.1:01The CCI rockets Are Lifted
23.1:01Screaming The UFO
24.2:00Regenerator G1
25.1:09Evacuation Begins
26.2:06Extraterrestrial Take Over
27.1:40Planting The Bombs
28.2:07Detonation preparation / Clearing The Area
29.0:49Change Of Mind
30.0:48Shinoda Makes It
31.3:06Big G vs. Orga
32.1:14Hymn To Godzilla
33.0:22The End

Discid: soundtrack / f5132721

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