2000 - 01) Anthology Road To Kingdom Come (Disc 01)

Tracks: 16, total time: 67:00, year: 2000, genre: Folk-Rock

1.4:33    Lady Eleanor (Live)
2.3:39    Road To Kingdom Come (Live)
3.9:51    We Can Swing Together (Live)
4.5:53    Clear White Light (Live)
5.2:39    Meet Me On The Corner (Live)
6.3:35    Train In G Major (Live)
7.3:49    Fog On The Tyne (Live)
8.3:35    All Fall Down (Live)
9.3:17    Court In The Act (Live)
10.4:25    Run For Home
11.2:27    Juke Box Gypsy
12.3:43    Marshall Riley's Army
13.4:09    Warm Feeling
14.3:45    Brand New Day (Live)
15.3:42    Call Of The Wild
16.4:02    Easy And Free

Category: soundtrack - Discid: ef0fb210

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