Ennio Morricone

The Thriller Collection CD 1

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:57, year: 1999, genre: Stage & Sc

1.5:37    Night Walk
2.1:44    Final Pursuit (Alternate Version)
3.5:05    Those Pictures
4.12:39    Revolver
5.1:40    Hit Fully In The Breast (Alternate Version)
6.4:38    The Attempt
7.6:17    Before The Vision (Film Version)
8.6:38    The Serpent
9.1:12    Shooting For Two (Film Version)
10.5:42    Fear And Assault
11.3:16    Screams In The Emptiness
12.5:10    Second Nebula
13.2:28    The Infernal Trio (Film Version)
14.3:02    Copkiller (Alternate Version)
15.2:07    Macabre Discovery
16.6:38    Dolls Of Glass

Category: soundtrack - Discid: e1115310

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