Tracks: 12, total time: 43:40, year: 2008, genre: Soul

1.3:41Daydreamer (百日梦想家)
2.4:19Best for Last (最好的留到最后)
3.3:31Chasing Pavements (追寻出路)
4.3:12Cold Shoulder (不屑一顾)
5.3:29Crazy for You (为你疯狂)
6.3:24Melt My Heart to Stone (将我的心化为石)
7.3:11First Love (初恋)
8.3:18Right as Rain (事事如意)
9.3:33Make You Feel My Love (让你感受到我的爱)
10.3:16My Same (天生一对)
11.4:19Tired (厌倦)
12.4:29Hometown Glory (故乡荣耀)

Discid: soundtrack / ac0a3a0c

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