Ennio Morricone

Original Soundtracks 1964-2015 (Disc 14: Mafia Thriller)

Tracks: 24, total time: 69:43, year: 2019, genre: Soundtrack

1.2:28    The Untouchables: The Strengh of the Righteous (Main Title)
2.2:57    The Untouchables: Al Capone
3.3:47    The Untouchables: Waiting at the Border
4.2:43    The Untouchables: Death Theme
5.2:35    The Untouchables: On the Rooftops
6.2:11    The Untouchables: Victorious
7.2:48    The Untouchables: The Man with the Matches
8.2:47    The Untouchables: Ness and His Family
9.3:05    The Untouchables: The Untouchables
10.1:14    The Untouchables: False Alarm
11.2:52    The Untouchables: Four Friends
12.7:05    The Untouchables: Machine Gun Lullaby
13.3:15    The Untouchables: The Untouchables (End Title)
14.3:06    State of Grace: Hell's Kitchen
15.2:06    State of Grace: Park Ave.
16.1:24    State of Grace: Hunderd Yard Dash
17.3:23    State of Grace: Terry & Kate
18.3:41    State of Grace: The Confrontation
19.2:30    State of Grace: Terry Noonan
20.2:25    State of Grace: Murder in Matty's Bar
21.1:39    State of Grace: Bronx Drug Deal
22.1:17    State of Grace: The First Date
23.5:56    State of Grace: The Shootout
24.2:36    State of Grace: State of Grace

Category: soundtrack - Discid: 6a105518

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