Tracks: 22, total time: 76:43, year: 2011, genre: Soundtrack

1.1:57    Give Her My Budapest
2.2:02    Light The Fuse
3.3:43    Knife To A Gun Fight
4.1:41    In Russia Phone Dials You
5.4:13    Kremlin With Anticipation
6.3:38    From Russia With Shove
7.4:59    Ghost Protocol
8.1:12    Railcar Rundown
9.3:18    Hendricks' Manifesto
10.2:45    A Man, A Plan, A Code And Dubai
11.3:45    Love The Glove
12.2:32    The Express Elevator
13.3:56    Mission Impersonatable
14.6:45    Moreau Trouble Than She's Worth
15.3:54    Out For A Run
16.1:05    Eye Of The Wistrom
17.4:29    Mood India
18.7:15    Mumbai's The Word
19.2:23    Launch Is On Hendricks
20.5:04    World's Worst Parking Valet
21.5:20    Putting The Miss In Mission
22.0:52    Mission: Impossible Theme (Out With A Bang Version)

Category: soundtrack - Discid: 2311f916

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