Tracks: 19, total time: 74:23, year: 2012, genre: Soundtrack

1.7:40    A Thern For The Worse
2.4:26    Get Carter
3.1:21    Gravity Of The Situation
4.2:57    Thark Side Of Barsoom
5.5:34    Sab Than Pursues The Princess
6.3:26    The Temple Of Issus
7.4:03    Zodanga Happened
8.4:14    The Blue Light Special
9.3:56    Carter They Come, Carter They Fall
10.3:07    A Change Of Heart
11.4:05    A Thern Warning
12.2:37    The Second Biggest Apes I've Seen This Month
13.2:24    The Right Of Challenge
14.4:30    The Prize Is Barsoom
15.4:35    The Fight For Helium
16.2:08    Not Quite Finished
17.1:20    Thernabout
18.3:14    Ten Bitter Years
19.8:51    John Carter Of Mars

Category: soundtrack - Discid: 1d116d13

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