''Apocalypse Now'' - music from the movie (Disc 1)

Tracks: 17, total time: 50:55, year: 1979, genre: Soundtrack

1.4:15    The Doors/The End
2.1:38    Actors/Saigon (Narration and Dialogue)
3.1:39    The Doors/The End (Part 2)
4.5:45    Actors/Terminate (Narration and Dialogue)
5.2:36    Carmine Coppola and Francis Coppola/The Delta
6.2:06    Actors/P.B.R. (Narration and Dialogue)
7.1:49    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/Dossier #I
8.5:39    Actors/Colonel Kilgore (Narration and Dialogue)
9.2:17    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/Orange Light
10.1:59    R. Wagner/The Ride of the Valkyries
11.0:56    Dialogue/Napalm in the Morning (Narration and Dialogue)
12.4:48    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/Pre-Tiger
13.3:30    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/Dossier #II
14.4:36    Broadwater, Hawkins & Lewis/Susie Q
15.3:08    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/Dossier #III
16.1:10    Dialogue/75 Klicks (Narration and Dialogue)
17.3:06    C. Coppola and F. Coppola/The Nung River

Category: soundtrack - Discid: 070bed11

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