Greatset Hits III

Tracks: 17, total time: 75:51, year: , genre:

1.4:28    The Show Must Go On
2.4:07    Under Pressure
3.5:42    Barcelona
4.4:31    Too Much Love Will Kill You
5.4:58    Somebody To Love
6.5:27    You Don't Fool me
7.5:40    Heaven For Everyone
8.4:34    Las Palarras De More
9.4:14    Driven By You
10.3:41    Living On My Own
11.4:50    Let Me Live
12.3:33    The great Pretender
13.3:42    Princes Of The Universe
14.3:42    Another One Bites The Dust
15.4:14    No-One but You
16.4:19    These Are The Days Of Our Lives
17.4:14    Thank God It's Christmas

Category: rock - Discid: fe11c511

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