Bill Nelson

Clocks & Dials (Disc 1)

Tracks: 19, total time: 76:20, year: 2008, genre: Rock/Pop

1.4:11    Thunder Heralds The Fairylight Parade
2.6:04    Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone)
3.4:27    Test Card
4.2:06    Clear Skies A' Coming
5.4:01    Rain Made Us Shine
6.2:14    Music For A Victorian Steam Cottage
7.5:21    A Town Called Blue Tomorrow
8.3:54    Searching For An Island Off The Coast Of Dreams
9.6:19    Signals From Earth
10.4:16    Frankie Surfs The Milky Way
11.5:50    I Travel At Night
12.3:29    Just A Kid And All That Sky
13.4:03    Rain Falls Fast On Faded Ruin
14.1:43    Artismo Loco
15.2:48    Dynatron Blues
16.3:04    No Time Says The Clock (version 1)
17.3:23    How Many Miles To Babylon
18.5:06    The Rainiest Day In The World
19.4:07    Twang Rings True

Category: rock - Discid: fb11e213

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