Iron Maiden

17 Numbers By The Beast

Tracks: 17, total time: 79:49, year: 2002, genre: Rock

This was a Promo Sampler Disc I got while working at FYE (FormalyCamelot Music)
I can send ya pics of it to prove its a normal disc and not just some bs CDR

1.4:05Iron Maiden [Demo]
2.7:11Phantom Of The Opera
4.3:55Run To The Hills
5.4:14The Trooper
6.6:062 Minutes To Midnight
7.3:44Flight Of Icarus [Live]
8.5:09Wasted Years
9.4:36The Evil That Men Do
11.3:24Be Quick Or Be Dead
12.6:52Fear Of The Dark [Live]
13.6:36Afaid To Shoot Strangers [Live]
14.4:13Man On The Edge
16.4:37The Wicker Man
17.5:01The Number Of The Beast [Live]

Discid: rock / f912b311

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