Tracks: 18, total time: 76:04, year: 2003, genre: Heavy Metal

1.1:08    Prologue
2.5:27    Center Of The Universe
3.3:42    Farewell
4.1:10    Interlude I (Opiate Soul)
5.4:10    The Edge Of Paradise
6.4:25    Wander
7.0:41    Interlude II (Omen)
8.4:36    Descent Of The Archangel
9.0:31    Interlude III (At the Banquet)
10.3:58    A Feast For The Vain
11.4:04    On The Coldest Winter Night
12.4:56    Lost & Damned
13.1:52    Helena's Theme
14.0:28    Interlude IV (Dawn)
15.5:00    The Mourning After (Carry On)
16.6:18    III Ways To Epica
17.6:54    Snow (Ltd. Ed. Bonus Track)
18.16:48    Multimedia Track

Category: rock - Discid: f811d212

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