Jethro Tull

20 Years of Jethro Tull (Disc 2)

Tracks: 19, total time: 76:43, year: 1988, genre: Rock

1988 YEAR: 1993 ID3G: 17

1.2:46    Lick Your Fingers Clean
ers clean, I thank you all for that.
2.11:12    The Chateau d'Isaster Tapes: Scenario,Audition,No Rehearsal
ashes in.
3.5:20    Beltane

4.3:36    Crossword
seat beside you).
Your life is a clue in the crossword.
5.4:21    Saturation
ir spent
the night with these new friends.
6.4:41    Jack-A-Lynn
7.3:39    Motoreyes
kes a bigger fool of me.
8.5:16    Blues Instrumental (Untitled)
9.3:07    Rhythm in Gold
10.6:56    Part of the Machine
, hey ---
let's be part of the machine.
Part of the machine.
11.3:05    Mayhem, Maybe
neatly folded ---
mayhem, maybe.
12.4:29    Overhang

13.3:32    Kelpie
ide with somebody else.
14.3:11    Living in These Hard Times
ard times.
15.2:16    Under Wraps #2
16.1:31    Only Solitaire
17.2:53    Salamander
18.3:27    Moths
19.1:32    Nursie

Category: rock - Discid: f311f913

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