The Cranberries

Absolutely Acosutic

Tracks: 16, total time: 71:59, year: , genre:

1.4:48Dreaming my dreams (MTV)
2.6:00Ode to my family (MTV)
3.5:12Linger (MTV)
4.4:54Free to decide (MTV)
5.5:18I'm still remembering (MTV)
6.4:09Empty (MTV)
7.4:35Zombie (MTV)
8.7:43Yesterday's gone (MTV)
9.3:15No need to argue (MTV)
10.5:09Put me down (Fleadh Festival)
11.2:09Ode to my family (Fleadh Festival)
12.3:36Wanted (Fleadh Festival)
13.4:00Sunday (Fleadh Festival)
14.4:58Empty (Fleadh Festival)
15.3:14Linger (Fleadh Festival)
16.3:05I can't be with you (Fleadh Festival)

Discid: rock / f310dd10

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