Norah Jones

Come Away With Me (The Limited Edition)

Tracks: 17, total time: 56:36, year: 2002, genre: Pop

YEAR: 2002

1.3:07Norah Jones / Don't Know Why
2.2:28Norah Jones / Seven Years
3.3:41Norah Jones / Cold Cold Heart
4.3:00Norah Jones / Feelin' The Same Way
5.3:21Norah Jones / Come Away With Me
6.3:57Norah Jones / Shoot The Moon
7.2:37Norah Jones / Turn Me On
8.3:09Norah Jones / Lonestar
9.4:16Norah Jones / I've Got To See You Again
10.2:45Norah Jones / Painter Song
11.3:08Norah Jones / One Flight Down
12.4:15Norah Jones / Nightingale
13.2:47Norah Jones / The Long Day Is Over
14.3:08Norah Jones / The Nearness of You
15.2:43Norah Jones / What Am I to You (Bonus)*
16.3:37Norah Jones / Don't Know Why (Live On Letterman)*
17.4:41Norah Jones / Crazy (Live)*

Discid: rock / f30d4211

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