Pink Floyd

A Total Zabriskie Point of View CD 2

Tracks: 16, total time: 76:55, year: 1969, genre: Psychedelic Rock

1.5:57Country Song (full mix)
2.5:40The Violent Sequence (Us and Them Rick's demo)
3.1:51Take Off (Version II) and Crumbling Land (film version)
4.5:14Crumbling Land (full mix)
5.7:27Love Scene 6 (The Blues)
6.7:28Love Scene 6 (The Blues - full mix)
7.6:57Love Scene 2 (Oenone - full mix)
8.6:46Love Scene 4 (piano only)
9.6:01Rain in the Country (Unknown Song - alternate version)
10.7:00Rain in the Country (Unknown Song - full mix)
11.2:06The Christmas Song
12.4:14Crumbling Land (soundtrack Edited version)
13.2:49Heart Beat, Pig Meat (film version)
14.0:45Crumbling Land (film version)
15.5:07Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up (film version)
16.1:39Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up (movie Trailer version)

Discid: rock / f0120510

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