The Mr. T Experience

Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

Tracks: 31, total time: 75:24, year: 1997, genre: Rock

1.3:11    Supersonic
2.2:33    Up and Down
3.4:04    On the Team
4.3:07    At Gilman Street
5.2:55    Dictionary Girl
6.1:56    The End of the Ramones
7.5:31    A Song About a Girl Who Went Shopping
8.2:38    Flying Jelly Attack
9.3:00    So Long, Sucker
10.2:11    Zero
11.1:35    Psycho Girl
12.2:10    Fill in the Blank
13.2:37    How I Made a Million in a Punk Rock Band
14.3:00    Look Back and Crack
15.2:47    Sex Offender
16.2:01    Last Time I Listened to You
17.2:49    Love American Style
18.2:56    Somebody Wants to Love You
19.1:33    Spiderman
20.2:50    Can't Get There From Here
21.1:10    God Bless America
22.2:09    Let's Be Together Tonight
23.1:57    Merry Fucking Christmas
24.1:36    Speed Racer
25.1:10    T-Shirt Commercial
26.1:09    Vive La France
27.3:04    More Than Toast
28.2:33    Swallows Everthing
29.1:11    God Bless Lawrence Livermore
30.2:30    Don't Go Away Go Go Girl
31.1:44    Hello Kitty Menendez

Category: rock - Discid: f011aa1f

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