Pink Floyd

A Tree Full Of Secrets (Disc Eleven)

Tracks: 36, total time: 63:52, year: , genre: Rock

1.1:34Our Song
2.2:14Sea Shell and Stone
3.1:54Sea Shell and Soft Stone
5.2:40Sea Shell and Stone (film version)
6.0:59Sea Shell and Soft Stone (film version)
7.3:06Breathe (film version)
8.4:00Chain of Life
9.2:16The Womb Bit
10.3:15Body Transport
11.2:38Give Birth to a Smile
12.2:23Give Birth to a Smile (film version)
13.0:20"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #1
14.1:00"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #2
15.0:58"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #3
16.0:57"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #4
17.0:34"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #5
18.0:59"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #6
19.0:30"Live At Pompeii" radio advert #7
20.1:02"Live At Pompeii" goofy ad #1
21.1:01"Live At Pompeii" goofy ad #2
22.1:07"Live At Pompeii" goofy ad #3
23.1:00"Live At Pompeii" goofy ad #4
24.1:01Obscured by Clouds
25.3:30Free Four (short version)
26.2:09Free Four (film version)
28.1:23Magritte (Part I)
29.1:23Magritte (Part II)
30.1:04Magritte (Part III)
31.2:45Magritte (Part IV)
32.0:56Magritte (Part V)
33.0:31Magritte (Part VI)
34.3:02Magritte (Part VII)
35.1:43Magritte (Part VIII)
36.3:38The Hit

Discid: rock / f00ef624

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