Badmotorfinger 25 Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (CD 2 - Outtakes)

Tracks: 16, total time: 79:08, year: 1991, genre: Grunge

1.4:32Rusty Cage (Studio Outtake)
2.5:14Outshined (Studio Outtake)
3.7:07Slaves & Bulldozers (Studio Outtake)
4.5:43Jesus Christ Pose (Studio Outtake)
5.2:27Face Pollution (Studio Outtake)
6.4:23Somewhere (Studio Outtake)
7.7:02Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Studio Outtake)
8.4:08Room A Thousand Years Wide (Studio Outtake)
9.2:37Drawing Flies (Studio Outtake)
10.5:32Holy Water (Studio Outtake)
11.5:24Cold Bitch (Studio Outtake)
12.1:54She’s A Politician (Studio Outtake)
13.4:59Black Rain (Studio Outtake)
14.5:31Birth Ritual (Studio Outtake)
15.7:21Blind Dogs (Studio Outtake)
16.5:18New Damage (with Brian May)

Discid: rock / ee128a10

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