Tracks: 16, total time: 54:54, year: , genre: Rock

1.3:30    Electric money
2.2:44    Bad boy
3.3:40    The picture of Dorian Grey
4.3:34    Crazy Hotel
5.3:57    Lithium
6.4:04    The hero i might have been
7.3:39    Lost in space
8.3:07    Do you dream
9.4:07    Christopher Luzifer
10.3:35    My little red book
11.3:10    It happend two sundays ago
12.2:29    All through the night
13.3:07    Radio UFO
14.3:30    Tiny Goddess
15.3:15    Habemus de loca
16.3:29    Queen of rock and roll

Category: rock - Discid: ed0cdc10

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