1976 at Germany - Offenbach rocks

Tracks: 17, total time: 69:17, year: 1976, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1976

1.4:41Intro - Mamakin
2.3:56Write me a letter
3.3:37S.O.S. - Too bad
4.3:16Lick and a promise
5.3:32Big ten inch record
6.5:33Sweet emotion
7.4:44Rats in the cellar
8.4:34Dream on
9.5:52Load of the thights
10.3:18Last child
11.4:12Walk this way
12.4:37Sick as a dog
13.4:31Same old song and dance
14.5:52Train kept a rollin'
15.1:35Get the lead out
16.1:34Guitar solo
17.3:58Toys in the attic

Discid: rock / ec103b11

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