The Beatles

Abbey rOAD

Tracks: 17, total time: 48:14, year: 1969, genre: Oldies

1.4:22Come Together
3.3:29Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4.3:28Oh! Darling
5.2:55Octopus's Garden
6.7:50I Want You (She's So Heavy)
7.3:10Here Comes The Sun
9.4:05You Never Give Me Your Money
10.2:29Sun King
11.1:08Mean Mr. Mustard
12.1:17Polythene Pam
13.2:00She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14.1:34Golden Slumbers
15.1:38Carry That Weight
16.2:22The End
17.0:37Her Majesty

Discid: rock / ec0b4c11

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