Chuck Daar

Sketchbook 19

Tracks: 17, total time: 70:27, year: 2008, genre: Rock

2.5:52Controlled Repopulation (Eugenics Mix) (Early Mix)
4.4:53Go (Go Gadget Mix) (Early Mix)
5.1:17Hell Yeah
7.1:45Little Fish In A Big Sea 2
8.2:41Rhythmic A (Vocal Mix)
9.1:00Robot Speech
10.5:18Something Is Happening (Sans MLK)
11.5:18Something Is Happening (MLK Variation 1)
12.5:18Something Is Happening (MLK Variation 2)
13.3:14The Multiorgasmic Woman (aka The Erotic Female 2007 Re-Edit)
14.4:09The Multiorgasmic Woman (Original Version)
15.13:16Untitled-Unlisted (Original Version)
16.9:51Angio (Original Version)
17.1:02Unloved Fuzzy

Discid: rock / ea108111

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