Rage Against The Machine


Tracks: 17, total time: 76:19, year: 2004, genre: Progressive Rock

YEAR: 2004 ID3G: 92

1.7:36Jamiroquai - Do It Like We Used To
2.3:14Everybody's Going to the Moon
4.4:08Bomb Track
6.5:37Take The Power Back
7.4:2105 Bullet In The Head
8.2:52Degeneration X Theme
9.6:06Wake Up
11.4:07No Shelter
12.2:33People Of The Sun
13.3:44Rage Against The Machine - Dar
14.3:39War Within A Breath
15.4:5104 Settle For Nothing
16.3:00Tire Me
17.5:4609 Wind Below

Discid: rock / e611e111

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