(1987-06-15) 'leaves of the joshua tree' - le zeni

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:38, year: 1987, genre: rock

brought to you by the travelling man

1.6:2501 where the streets have no name
2.4:0102 I will follow
3.5:4603 I still haven't found what I'm looking for
4.2:1604 mlk
5.4:3705 the unforgettable fire
6.6:0406 bullet the blue sky
7.4:4807 running to stand still
8.5:4108 sunday bloody sunday
9.4:3709 exit
10.3:0110 in God's country
11.4:1611 trip through your wires
12.2:2012 help
13.4:2503 Springhill mining disaster
14.8:3714 bad
15.2:0615 October
16.4:4216 new year's day

Discid: rock / e6114010

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