Amerika [remix album]

Tracks: 15, total time: 78:55, year: 2004, genre: Rock

1.3:45    Amerika [radio version]
2.3:45    Amerika [English version]
3.3:53    Amerika [digital hardcore remix]
4.3:18    Amerika [western remix]
5.4:08    Amerika [Andy Panthen and Diazs clubmix
6.4:35    Amerika [electro Ghetto remix]
7.7:37    Amerika [Jam and Spoon remix]
8.5:39    Mein Herz Brennt [Orchesterlied album version]
9.4:11    Mein Teil [You are what you eat edit mix]
10.7:26    Mein Teil [The return to New York buffet mix]
11.7:19    Mein Teil [There are no guitars on this mix]
12.4:12    Feuer Frei [Rammstein vs. Junkie XL remix]
13.5:54    Sonne [Clawfinger tko remix]
14.6:00    Links 2 3 4 [Westbam Technoelectro mix]
15.7:17    Mutter [Sono S Inkubator mix]

Category: rock - Discid: e5127d0f

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