Linkin Park

2005-Underground 4.0

Tracks: 16, total time: 58:58, year: 2005, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2005 ID3G: 17

1.1:58    Sold My Soul Toyo Mama
2.5:36    Breaking The Habit (Live)
3.3:22    Standing In The Midole
4.4:58    Step Up/nobody's Listining/it's Goin Down (Live)
5.4:29    Wish (Live)
6.3:58    One Step Closer (Featuring Jonathan Davis) (Live)
7.4:56    Points Of Authoriryti/99 Prpblems/on Step
8.4:05    Dirt Of Your Shoulder/lying From You
9.2:37    Big Pimpin/papercut
10.3:32    Jigga What/faint
11.3:26    Numb/encore
12.2:45    Izzo/in The End
13.3:41    Crawling (Live)
14.3:05    From The Inside (Live In Texas)
15.3:14    Linkin Park-Runaway (Live In Texas)
16.3:19    Enjoy The Silence 2005

Category: rock - Discid: e50dd010

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