Led Zeppelin

''Kings Of World Music''.

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:22, year: , genre: Hard Rock

1.3:43    ''Rock & Roll''.
2.2:11    ''Immigrant Song''.
3.2:47    ''Good Times Bad Times''.
4.2:29    ''Communication Breakdown'.
5.8:02    ''Stairway To Heaven''.
6.4:56    ''Black Dog''.
7.6:43    ''Babe I'm Gonna Leave You''.
8.5:29    ''Whole Lotta Love''.
9.4:31    ''What Is And What Should Never Be''.
10.4:19    ''Thank You''.
11.4:16    ''Heartbreaker''.
12.2:41    ''Living Loving Maid (''She's Just A Woman''.)''.
13.4:11    ''Ramble On''.
14.4:31    ''Gallows Pole''.
15.5:30    ''That's The Way''.
16.7:05    ''When The Levee Breaks''.

Category: rock - Discid: e4113010

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