Parting The Waves - D4

Tracks: 17, total time: 56:33, year: 2004, genre: Rock

1.4:30Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Acoustic]
2.4:15Talk Show Host [Remix]
3.2:05Introduction To Romeo - Mantua [Excerpt]
4.4:30Climbing Up The Walls [Evening Session]
5.4:29Lucky [Soundcheck]
6.0:43Polyethylene (Part One)
7.3:41Polyethylene (Part Two)
9.3:09Meeting In The Aisle
12.2:10A Reminder
13.3:39Pearly [Remix]
14.3:45Palo Alto
15.3:10How I Made My Millions
16.2:06Fitter Happier [Meeting People Is Easy Remix]
17.4:29Exit Music (For A Film) [Soundcheck]

Discid: rock / e40d3f11

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