Shelly Bonet

Love In A Dangerous World

Tracks: 16, total time: 59:34, year: 2016, genre: Rock

1.3:33    Comatose
2.4:04    I'm Ready
3.4:06    Cry Baby
4.4:40    To Ease Your Pain
5.3:53    Love In A Dangerous World
6.2:53    Devoted
7.2:50    Back To Beautiful
8.4:03    Here's To The Man
9.3:40    Trippin' It Up
10.3:57    Wear Me On Your Heart
11.3:34    Before I Change My Mind
12.4:22    Where There's Love
13.4:08    All Coming Back
14.2:47    Blind Door
15.4:08    Close Your Eyes
16.2:59    Ready To Ride

Category: rock - Discid: e30df410

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