Bob Dylan and Friends

Disc 1 - Friends will Arrive, Friends will Disappear

Tracks: 16, total time: 75:31, year: 2002, genre: Classic Rock

1.4:14Mama You Been on My Mind (Joan Baez guitar and vocals 10-31-64)
2.1:45Mike Bloomfield Introduction
3.5:37Like A Rolling Stone (Mike Bloomfield guitar 11-15-80)
4.1:04Jerry Garcia Introduction
5.4:47Simple Twist Of Fate (Jerry Garcia guitar 11-16-80)
6.1:00Roger McGuinn Introduction
7.3:58Mr. Tambourine Man (Roger McGuinn guitar and vocals 11-22-80)
8.6:13Blowin' In The Wind (Joan Baez vocals 05-31-84)
9.7:39Why Do I Have To Choose? (Carlos Santana guitar 06-07-84)
10.5:00Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (Eric Clapton guitar 07-07-84)
11.5:55Blowin' In The Wind (Mark Knopfler guitar 02-10-86)
12.5:13Good Rockin' Mama (John Lee Hooker guitar and vocals 08-05-86)
13.3:50Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (George Harrison guitar 10-17-87)
14.5:52Gates Of Eden (Neil Young guitar 06-10-88)
15.4:26Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison vocals 02-06-91)
16.9:01Idiot Wind (T-Bone Burnett guitar 05-09-92)

Discid: rock / e211b110

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