Billy Talent/Rammstein

Billy Talent II/Mann Gegen Mann [MCD]

Tracks: 17, total time: 79:06, year: 2006, genre: Punk Rock

2006 & 2005

1.2:55Billy Talent / Devil In A Midnight Mass
2.3:19Billy Talent / Red Flag
3.3:59Billy Talent / This Suffering
4.3:47Billy Talent / Worker Bees
5.3:14Billy Talent / Pins And Needles
6.3:22Billy Talent / Fallen Leaves
7.3:52Billy Talent / Where Is The Line?
8.4:15Billy Talent / Covered In Cowardice
9.4:09Billy Talent / Surrender
10.4:34Billy Talent / The Navy Song
11.3:09Billy Talent / Perfect World
12.3:21Billy Talent / Sympathy
13.3:43Billy Talent / Burn The Evidence
14.3:54Rammstein / Mann Gegen Mann
15.4:08Rammstein / Mann Gegen Mann [Popular Music Mix By Vince Clark]
16.5:46Rammstein / Mann Gegen Mann [Musensohn Remix By Sven Helbig]
17.17:43Rammstein / Ich Will [Live At Festivale De Nimes] [Video]

Discid: rock / e1128811

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