The Beatles

Another Tracks Of `With The Beatles´ (Disc 2)

Tracks: 32, total time: 73:25, year: , genre: Rock

1.2:12It Won´t Be Long
2.2:01All I´ve Got To Do
3.2:06All My Loving
4.2:26Don´t Bother Me
5.1:45Little Child
6.2:12Till There Was You
7.2:33Please Mr. Postman
8.2:44Roll Over Beethoven
9.2:30Hold Me Tight
10.3:00You Really Got A Hold On Me
11.1:57I Wanna Be Your Man
12.2:25Devil In Her Heart
13.2:05Not A Second Time
15.2:09All My Loving (Hi-Hat Count Version)
16.2:48Money (R&R Music Diflerent Channel Separation)
17.1:57From Me To You (Original Stereo Mix)
18.1:59From Me To You (Harp Intro Stereo Mix)
19.1:59From Me To You (Vocal Intro 1982 Stereo Mix)
20.2:06Thank You Girl (True Stereo Mix)
21.2:14Thank You Girl (No Harp Mid Stereo Mix)
22.2:02Thank You Girl (Harp Mid Un Echoed Version)
23.2:22She Loves You (Oldies Version RS2)
24.2:21She Loves You (Simulated Stereo)
25.2:24She Loves You (RS2)
26.2:27She Loves You (RS2 Ver.2)
27.2:06I´ll Get You (Capitol´s Simulated Stereo)
28.2:12This Boy (Simulated Stereo)
29.2:26This Boy (RS Take 1 Or 15)
30.2:26I Want To Hold Your Hand (Simulated Stereo)
31.2:24I Want To Hold Your Hand (Australia Stereo)
32.2:30I Want To Hold Your Hand (Stereo Remix 1965 Version)

Discid: rock / e1113320

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