The Cranberries

No Need to Argue - Demos - Live Tracks

Tracks: 17, total time: 67:40, year: 1994, genre: Pop

Disc name: Demos + Live TracksBarcode: 600753912867Release date: 2020-11-13Release country: XERelease label: UMCRelease catalog#: 5391286Release label: IslandRelease catalog#: 5391286

1.4:36Song to My Family [Magic Shop demo]
2.4:39So Cold in Ireland [Magic Shop demo]
3.3:24Empty [Magic Shop demo]
4.4:12Ridiculous Thoughts [Magic Shop demo]
5.3:58Everything I Said [Magic Shop demo]
6.3:08Yeats' Grave [Magic Shop demo]
7.2:42Serious [demo]
8.2:27Away [demo]
9.3:23I Don't Need [demo]
10.4:29Dreaming My Dreams [live]
11.4:56Daffodil Lament [live]
12.3:26The Icicle Melts [live]
13.3:07No Need to Argue [live]
14.3:37Empty [live]
15.3:19I Can't Be With You [BBC live recording]
16.6:33Ridiculous Thoughts [BBC live recording]
17.5:51Zombie [BBC live recording]

Discid: rock / e00fda11

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