The Beatles

20 x 4 (Remasters Workshop)

Tracks: 17, total time: 44:47, year: 1977, genre: Rock

1.3:24Oh! Darling
2.3:03Peace Of Mind
3.2:20Blackbird (Paul & Donovan)
4.2:19Things We Said Today
6.1:56Every Little Thing
7.3:53Homecoming Queen (monitor mix) Kenny O'Dell
8.3:16Imagine (John)
9.1:02I Love My Suit (Ringo, Nilsson & Davy Jones)
10.2:51Bye Bye Love (George & Paul Simon)
11.3:07My Carnival (Wings)
12.1:50Heather (Paul & Donovan)
13.0:27Her Majesty
14.3:22Nowhere To Go - I'd Have You Anytime
15.3:45Bluebird+Mama's Little Girl+Michelle+Heart of the Country
16.3:10Hi Hi Hi+C Moon (promo ad)
17.2:41Homecoming Queen (single) Kenny O'Dell

Discid: rock / de0a7d11

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