Iron Maiden

iron maiden - Dynamo Open Air 2000 (disc 2)

Tracks: 14, total time: 72:51, year: 2000, genre: Heavy Metal

1.4:17iron maiden / The Evil That Men Do (live)
2.7:20iron maiden / Fear of the Dark (live)
3.6:07Iron Maiden / iron maiden (live)
4.4:52iron maiden / Number of the Beast (live)
5.7:22iron maiden / Hallowed Be Thy Name (live)
6.7:01iron maiden / Sanctuary (live)
7.3:01iron maiden / Futureal (live)
8.4:42iron maiden / Man on the Edge (live)
9.6:06iron maiden / Blood on the World's Hands (live)
10.6:48iron maiden / The Aftermath (live)
11.4:25iron maiden / The Evil That Men Do (live)
12.4:14iron maiden / Man on the Edge (live)
13.3:34iron maiden / Sanctuary
14.3:05iron maiden / Wrathchild

Discid: rock / dd11110e

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