Def Leppard

Slang [Deluxe Edition] (1 of 2)

Tracks: 16, total time: 68:09, year: 2013, genre: Hard Rock

1.3:02    Truth?
2.4:22    Turn To Dust
3.2:38    Slang
4.5:21    All I Want Is Everything
5.4:50    Work It Out
6.4:07    Breathe a Sigh
7.3:05    Deliver Me
8.3:49    Gift of Flesh
9.4:27    Blood Runs Cold
10.4:05    Where Does Love Go When It Dies?
11.6:23    Pearl of Euphoria
12.6:21    Move With Me Slowly
13.5:10    Truth? [Original Version]
14.4:11    Burn Out
15.3:44    Worlds Collide
16.2:37    Can't Keep Away From The Flame

Category: rock - Discid: dc0ff710

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