2005-06-18 - London Calling - UK

Tracks: 15, total time: 80:14, year: , genre:

Set List By Bulsara_it

1.4:35City of Blinfìding Lights (London 18-06-2005)
2.6:05Miracle Drug (London 18-06-2005)
3.5:12Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own (London 18-06-2005)
4.4:55Love And Peace Or Else (London 18-06-2005)
5.6:56Sunday Bloody Sunday (London 18-06-2005)
6.5:08Bullet The Blue Sky / When Jonny Comes (London 18-06-2005)
7.6:03Running To Stand Still (London 18-06-2005)
8.4:18Pride (in The Name Of Love) (London 18-06-2005)
9.6:00Where The Streets Have No Name (London 18-06-2005)
10.6:01One (London 18-06-2005)
11.4:50Zoo Station (London 18-06-2005)
12.5:18The Fly (London 18-06-2005)
13.6:21Mysterious Ways (London 18-06-2005)
14.3:50Yahweh (London 18-06-2005)
15.4:44Vertigo (London 18-06-2005)

Discid: rock / db12cc0f

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