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Writing On The Wall - The Ultimate Edition (CD 1 -The Definitive Album)

Tracks: 15, total time: 77:20, year: 2012, genre: Synthpop

1.4:43New Beginning (Full Length Version)
2.3:27Love The One You're With (7" Version)
3.4:54Don't Turn Back (Unedited Version)
4.5:40Keep Each Other Warm (Long Version)
5.3:51Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 7" Version)
6.4:05The Company You Keep
7.3:53Soul Motion
8.4:39Give A Little Love (Unedited Version)
9.4:22In Your Eyes
10.4:41I Need Your Love
11.3:58Too Hard
12.7:53Love The One You're With (Extended Version)
13.7:00I Hear Talk (1986 Extended Version)
14.6:48Love In A World Gone Mad (Extended Version)
15.7:31New Beginning (Extended Version)

Discid: rock / db121e0f

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