Visions of Atlantis

Wanderers - CD2 Orchestral Instrumental

Tracks: 13, total time: 55:43, year: 2019, genre: Melodic/Symphonic Power Metal

1.7:05Release My Symphony
2.4:30Heroes of the Dawn
3.3:44Nothing Lasts Forever
4.4:07A Journey to Remember
5.4:33A Life of Our Own
6.4:09To the Universe
7.4:31Into the Light
8.3:59The Silent Scream
9.4:41The Siren & the Sailor
11.3:35At the End of the World
12.4:23Bring the Storm
13.2:53In and Out of Love (Armin van Buuren cover)

Discid: rock / d80d0d0d

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