Poetry For The Poisoned

Tracks: 15, total time: 53:57, year: 2010, genre: Metal

1.4:23    The Great Pandemonium
2.3:53    If Tomorrow Came
3.1:21    Dear Editor
4.4:01    The Zodiac
5.5:34    Hunter's Season
6.4:16    House On A Hill
7.4:18    Necropolis
8.4:05    My Train Of Thoughts
9.5:13    Seal Of Woven Years
10.2:58    Poetry For The Poisoned-PT I. Incubus
11.3:24    Poetry For The Poisoned-PT II. So Long
12.1:04    Poetry For The Poisoned-PT III. All Is Over
13.1:56    Poetry For The Poisoned-PT IV. Dissection
14.3:47    Once Upon A Time
15.3:46    Thespian Drama

Category: rock - Discid: d80ca30f

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