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Blood, Steel and Temper of Spirit

Tracks: 15, total time: 79:08, year: 2004, genre: Black Metal

1.9:15    Blood, Steel, and Temper of Spirit
2.7:44    Broken Shields, Swords, and Armours
3.2:08    Epilog
4.5:02    Fire of Tartar
5.2:59    Dethroned Tyrant
6.4:07    Sons of Mayhem
7.4:03    Desecrated Heaven's Virgin
8.3:14    Raise the Dead (Bathory cover)
9.3:05    Preludium
10.4:42    Return of the Conqueror
11.8:29    When Heroes Will Rise
12.4:24    Heritage of Uralten
13.3:36    Lex Talionis (Law of Talion)
14.5:43    Born Out of Flames
15.10:42    Towards the Fathers' Inheritance

Category: rock - Discid: d7128a0f

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