All You Need Is This

Tracks: 16, total time: 43:22, year: , genre:

16 Unreleased Tracks
1989 Living Legend Records

1.2:02Soldier Of Love
2.2:59That's Alright Mama
3.2:31Twist And Shout
5.7:07All You Need Is Love
6.0:44Tea Room Music
7.7:00Hey Jude
8.2:18Spiritual Regeneration
9.0:32Yer Blues (acapella)
11.4:05Yer Blues
12.2:53A Case Of The Blues
13.2:18Your Mother Should Know
14.2:00I'll Be On My Way
15.0:53The Walk
16.1:23Everyone Had A Hard Year

Discid: rock / d60a2810

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