Ëåãåíäû çàðóáåæíîãî ðîêà

Tracks: 15, total time: 75:00, year: 2005, genre: Rock

1.4:45    Nobodys fool
2.5:22    long cold winter
3.4:52    coming home
4.4:31    heartbreak station
5.5:06    through the rain
6.5:25    winds of the change
7.4:43    shelter me
8.6:30    dead mans road
9.5:45    dont know what you got
10.5:26    hard to find the words
11.5:23    still climbing
12.6:09    the roads still long
13.3:58    hot and bothered
14.3:08    freewheelin
15.4:02    talk is chead

Category: rock - Discid: d511920f

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