Rage Against the Machine

Absolutely Live High Voltage

Tracks: 15, total time: 45:40, year: 1996, genre: Rock

"Rage Against the Machine/Absolutely Live High Voltage"
Westwood One radio show hosted by Tawn Mystery & recorded live
at Hollywood Palladium in Octover 1996 featuring 7 songs including Bulls on Parade, Vietnow, Without a Face, Bullet in the Head, Rollin' Down Rodeo, and People of the Sun

1.15:35Bulls on Parade Bombtrack Vietnow Live @ Hollywood Palladium 1996
2.11:06Rollin Down Rodeo Without a Face Live @ Hollywood Palladium 96
3.9:46Bullet In Your Head People of the Sun Live @ Hollywood Palladium 1996
4.0:51Tawn Mysterys promo for RATM and Linkin Park
5.0:33guitar center coast to coast commercial
6.0:33McDonalds commercial
7.0:33YJ Stinger commercial
8.0:33White Stripes commercial
9.1:02Colgate Grammys Elton John commercial
10.1:03Colgate Grammys Fleetwood Mac commercial
11.0:32Progressive auto insurance commercial
12.1:03Audioslave Grammy commercial YJ Stinger
13.1:03OutKast commercial
14.1:03Coldplay commercial
15.0:28Reebok NFL commercial

Discid: rock / d40ab20f

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