Suicidal Tendencies

Freedom, Justice and Equality

Tracks: 17, total time: 76:37, year: 1993, genre: Metal

YEAR: 1992 ID3G: 9

2.3:58Gotta Kill Captain Stupid - I Wasnt Meant To Feel This
3.3:07Tap Into The Power
4.3:57War Inside My Head
5.5:47Lost Again
6.3:54Accept My Sacrifice
7.5:36Gon Breakdown
9.3:50Send Me Your Money
10.6:42Nobody Hears
11.4:59I Saw Your Mommy
12.6:06Monopoly Of Sorrow
13.4:13Waking The Dead
14.6:09Trip At The Brain
15.3:28Join The Army
16.3:17Possessed To Skate
17.6:28How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

Discid: rock / d211f311

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