The Beatles

Abracadabra (Trick 2)

Tracks: 33, total time: 76:04, year: 2010, genre: Rock

1.2:33Taxman (basic track no guitar overdubs)
2.2:07Eleanor Rigby (Paul's lead vocal)
3.2:59I'm Only Sleeping (alternate stereo mix)
4.2:26Love YouTo (take 6 Indian instruments guitar and vocal)
5.2:37Here There And Everywhere (basic track + Paul's lead vocal)
6.2:38Yellow Submarine (basic track + chorus + Ringo's lead vocal)
7.2:35She Said She Said (psychedelic mix)Good Day Sunshine (piano and vocals-
8.2:10And Your Bird Can Sing (take 2 basic track)
9.2:22For No One (take 10 piano clavichord & percussion)
10.1:52Doctor Robert (take 7 basic mix)
11.2:14I Want To Tell You (1 channel mono mix 1 channel bass & vocals)
12.2:27I Want To Tell You (1 channel mono mix 1 channel bass & vocals)
13.2:29Got To Get You Into My Life (left channel stereo mix + mono horns right)
14.2:58Tomorow Never Knows (take 3 emphasis on John's vocals)
15.2:27Paperback Writer (emphasis on lead vocals)
16.2:33Rain (take 5 emphasis on John's vocals)
17.2:30Taxman (take 11 lead vocals & backing vocals)
18.1:39Eleanor Rigby (incomplete)
19.2:58I'm Only Sleeping (take 11 emphasis on lead & backing vocals)
20.2:06Love You To (take 6 guitar & vocal)
21.2:24Here There And Everywhere (basic track)
22.0:53Here There And Everywhere (backing vocals - incomplete)
23.2:04Good Day Sunshine (Paul's lead vocal)
24.2:01And Your Bird Can Sing (combination of two mono mixes)
25.1:53For No One (take 10 clavichord & percussion - mono)
26.2:28I Want To Tell You (alternate stereo mix)
27.2:14Doctor Robert (alternate mix)
28.2:14Doctor Robert (emphasis on vocals)
29.2:29Got To Get You Into My Life (right channel stereo mix + monohorns left)
30.3:16Tomorrow Never Knows (take 1 drums & vocal)
31.2:27Paperback Writer (take 2, 2nd lead vocal)
32.2:59Rain (take 7 emphasis on backing vocals)
33.0:14Eleanor Rigby (vocals - incomplete)

Discid: rock / d111d221

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