The Police

Best Of - CD1

Tracks: 15, total time: 55:37, year: 2007, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2007 ID3G: 17

1.2:07Fall out
2.3:00Can´t stand losing you
3.2:55Next to you
5.2:58Truth hits everybody
6.4:52Hole in my life
7.4:52So lonley
8.4:52Message in a bottle
9.3:07Reggatta de blanc
10.4:18Bring on the night
11.5:04Walking on the moon
12.4:28The bed´s too big without you
13.4:04Don´t stand so close to me
14.3:25Driven to tears
15.2:26Canary in a coalmine

Discid: rock / d10d070f

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